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The SoCal Sound | Vehicle Donation Program

The SoCal Sound is all about music discovery. We are dedicated to curating a blend of established, emerging, and diverse artists including music that is new, deep, & local. As a public, member-supported audio service with broadcast and digital distribution, we embrace the independence our non-profit status affords us by super-serving Southern California with listeners around the world. We put our community of constituents and supporters first, including listeners, members, artists, sponsors, students, and the universities we serve. We are The SoCal Sound:

Donate your car, truck, RV, or other vehicle to The SoCal Sound today and help keep the best radio content in Los Angeles on air for years to come! The SoCal Sound has a one-of-a-kind format on the Southern California radio dial. Music programming includes: live in-studio sessions and interviews with well-established and emerging artists, programs featuring the best independent records and progressive major releases, and Monday-Friday music by a wide range of iconic rock and contemporary artists.

The SoCal Sound relies heavily on financial support from individual donors, just like you. The proceeds from your vehicle donation will help us continue to:

  1. Engage listeners in the discovery of music and meaningful cultural and social experiences
  2. Provide access to events, information, and unique listener benefits
  3. Actively support and nurture local and national emerging artists

We accept all types of vehicles

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